Christmas History & Origin | Celebration in USA, UK, Australia, India

Christmas 2017: The actual definition of this Eve is Love and that what its offer at the end of every year.   It is the only time of the year when peoples all around the world get long holidays to spread happiness and joy among their love ones. Peoples share Christmas greeting cards and gifts to our loved ones to make feel them special can get to spend some quality time with each other. Sending Christmas wishes, greeting card and festival gifts are one of the traditional practices to celebrate the eve. As we know that people all over celebrate Christmas but why do they really celebrate Christmas: The answer will be:

  • Peoples all over celebrate this eve for the solstice
  • It is not just a Festival but a Feast where people cook and feed other people
  • Children celebrate it because they receive Gifts and chocolates
  • It he time for decorations of House and Backyard with little lights all over the place
  • It is also the fun of the winter so celebration include snowman and snow ball too.
  • Peoples all over celebrate this eve because of its cultural significance.
  • People exchanges Gifts and love.
  • Santa Clause for Charismas is also one of the reasons why people love celebrating Christmas.

At the end of the busy year it’s the only time when a person all across the world seems to be able to get together with their loved ones and have most other pressures in life put on hold. 99% of the world is on holiday on Christmas Eve 2017 and having time wither their families rather than checking Mails and talking about business.


Christmas History & Origin

Christmas is the specific day chosen for the celebration of God’s gift to humanity of His Son, Jesus Christ who was Savior of the humanity comes with the message of prosperity and Love. Christmas is the beginning of the story of redemption.  Christmas is also considered as the gift to man from God for knowing the real path of the world.  Without this gift of God none of the humans can receive forgiveness of sin.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th in 336 BC (1st recorded date) at that it was the roman who rule and 1st Christian Roman Emperor was Emperor Constantine. A few years later birth of Jesus declared officially by Pope Julius I and the day are been celebrated as Christmas since then.

Easter 2017: we celebrate the completion of this story.  After His death on the cross for our sins, Christ rose from the dead early on the morning of the first day

Christmas Celebration
Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration in USA, UK, Australia, India

Christmas Celebration around the world: 99% of the world is on holiday on Christmas and having time wither their families rather than checking Mails and talking about business. It is one of the most celebrated festivals all across the world by excluding Race, Religion, and Age as everybody celebrate the eve.

Christmas Celebration in USA: The United States celebrate the eve on December 25 as he Jesus Christ’s birth who showed them the path to humanity and prosperity. Christmas is the combination of Jesus Christ’s birth and pre-Christian winter celebrations out there. The major events of the Christmas Night in the United States are:

  • People erect Christmas trees and decorate it with lights and different accessories.
  • People decorate their homes and backyard for the eve.
  • People are the USA visit family, friends and love ones and exchange gifts.
  • People Go to church on Christmas with their families.

Christmas Celebration in UK: It not about the country or about the race it all about the celebration and prior to that it’s about the birth of the Christianity. The whole UK lightens up for the celebration of Christmas. The celebration of Christmas in UK may include:

  • Christmas trees every of every size with a different kind of decoration.
  • The decoration of Gardens, Homes for Christmas.
  • Small colored fairy lights outside the hoses and at backyards.
  • Christmas party at various night clubs and bars.
  • Outing with the family and loved ones.

Christmas Celebration in Australia: Australian too celebrates the Christmas on 25th November every year meanwhile November Is the time of summer vacation over there. Most of Australia is a dry and hot at that time popularly known as the Outback. The celebration of Christmas in Australia may include

  • People enjoy traditionally baked vegetables, plum pudding, and roast meats.
  • There were lots of Getting together on the eve of Christmas.
  • People erect Christmas trees and decorate it with lights and different accessories.
  • People exchange Gifts and sweets and not to forget Santa Clause on the day.

Christmas Celebration in India: Since christens are in minority in India still the celebration of Christmas in India is never too less almost all of India covered in Lights and celebration. Even on road of India, you can find people celebrating the Christmas nights with their loved ones. The celebration of Christmas in India may include:

  • People decorate Christmas trees of every size with different kind some of them are more than 10mtr tall.
  • People decorate their Houses, Backyard even streets also.
  • There were a different kind of Christmas parties were arranged.
  • People exchanges Gifts and sweets, Children enjoy with Santa Clause and much more.

Top 10 world’s best places to spend Christmas around the world:

  1. New York
  2. Barcelona, Spain
  3. Bath, England
  4. Nuremberg, Germany
  5. Quebec City, Canada
  6. Reykjavik, Iceland
  7. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
  8. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
  9. Santa Claus, Indiana
  10. Strasbourg, France

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